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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druid A druid (Breton: drouiz; Welsh: derwydd; Old Irish: druí; Scottish Gaelic: draoidh) was a member of the high-ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures. Perhaps best remembered as religious leaders, they were also legal authorities, adjudicators, lorekeepers, medical professionals, and political advisors.
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    druidry.org/druid-way/beliefs Druid Beliefs One of the most striking characteristics of Druidism is the degree to which it is free of dogma and any fixed set of beliefs or practices. In this way it manages to offer a spiritual path, and a way of being in the world that avoids many of the problems of intolerance and sectarianism that the established religions have encountered.
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    www.britannica.com/topic/Druid Druid, member of the learned class among the ancient Celts. They acted as priests, teachers, and judges. The earliest records of Druids date from the 3rd century BCE. Very little is known for certain about the Druids, who kept no records of their own. Julius Caesar is the principle source of knowledge about the Druids.
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    github.com/alibaba/druid 阿里巴巴计算平台事业部出品,为监控而生的数据库连接池. Contribute to alibaba/druid development by creating an account on GitHub.
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/druid druid: [noun] one of an ancient Celtic priesthood appearing in Irish and Welsh sagas and Christian legends as magicians and wizards.
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    wow.gamepedia.com/Druid The druid (occasionally druidess for females)[1] is a shapeshifting hybrid class available to the night elf, worgen, tauren (including Highmountain), troll (including Zandalari), and Kul Tiran races. Druids are able to perform each of the three group roles (tanking, healing, and dealing damage) by utilizing their shapeshift forms. While a druid is most effective in the role determined by their ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Druidry_%28modern%29 Druidry, sometimes termed Druidism, is a modern spiritual or religious movement that generally promotes harmony, connection, and reverence for the natural world. This commonly is extended to include respect for all beings, including the environment itself. Many forms of modern Druidry are modern Pagan religions, although most of the earliest modern Druids identified as Christians.
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    www.dndbeyond.com/classes/druid Druid spells are oriented toward nature and animals—the power of tooth and claw, of sun and moon, of fire and storm. Druids also gain the ability to take on animal forms, and some druids make a particular study of this practice, even to the point where they prefer animal form to their natural form.
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    druid.apache.org Druid is designed for workflows where fast queries and ingest really matter. Druid excels at instant data visibility, ad-hoc queries, operational analytics, and handling high concurrency. Consider Druid as an open source alternative to data warehouses for a variety of use cases.
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    terraria.gamepedia.com/Dryad The Dryad is an NPC vendor that will spawn once the following criteria have been met: . There is an empty House.; The Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds, Brain of Cthulhu or Skeletron has been defeated.; In addition to selling items, the Dryad can also report the percentages of Corruption/Crimson vs. Hallow that exist in the current world. When enemies are nearby, the Dryad will periodically ...