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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysoberyl The mineral or gemstone chrysoberyl is an aluminate of beryllium with the formula Be Al 2 O 4. The name chrysoberyl is derived from the Greek words χρυσός chrysos and βήρυλλος beryllos, meaning "a gold-white spar".Despite the similarity of their names, chrysoberyl and beryl are two completely different gemstones, although they both contain beryllium.
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    www.gemselect.com/gem-info/chrysoberyl/chrysoberyl-info.php Chrysoberyl is a rare and exotic group of gemstones first discovered in 1789 by renowned geologist, Abraham Gottlob Werner. The chrysoberyl species includes a few different gemstone varieties. The most common variety is a transparent to translucent form colored by iron, which typically occurs in shades of yellowish to light-green.
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    www.gemsociety.org/article/chrysoberyl-jewelry-gemstone-information Facetable chrysoberyl is known up to several hundred carats, and cat’s eyes of similar size have also been found. Faceted gems over 40-50 carats are very rare. The world’s largest cut cat’s eye is “The Eye of The Lion,” a dark, greenish yellow 465-ct oval cabochon, cut from a piece of Sri Lankan rough weighing over 700 carats.
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    geology.com/minerals/chrysoberyl.shtml Chrysoberyl is the gem that exhibits the finest cat's-eyes, and when the term "cat's-eye" is used without a mineral name as a modifier, the speaker is most likely referring to chrysoberyl. This specimen exhibits the "milk-and-honey" effect - when properly oriented, the stone has two apparently different colors on each side of the cat's-eye line.
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    www.minerals.net/gemstone/chrysoberyl_gemstone.aspx Chrysoberyl is a hard, tough, and durable gem. Although lacking the fire of other gemstones, Chrysoberyl in its various forms can be quite valuable. Most Chrysoberyl gems are yellow, though some are brown, green, or orange. Chrysoberyl is best known for its important varieties Alexandrite and Cat's Eye. Alexandrite is a rare and expensive form ...
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    www.gemselect.com/chrysoberyl/chrysoberyl.php The chrysoberyl family is best known for the more valuable alexandrite and cat's eye varieties. Faceted chrysoberyl is a beautiful gem which is not as well known in its own right. What are some of the properties of chrysoberyl gemstones?
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    www.mindat.org/min-1039.html Green chromian variety of chrysoberyl (intermediate member of Chrysoberyl-Mariinskite series) that exhibits a color change in natural and artificial light from green to amethystine (Alexandrite effect). Ceylonese Chrysolite: A trade name for golden-yellow chrysoberyl. Chrysolite Cat's-eye: Cymophane: An opalescent variety of chrysoberyl.
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    www.gemrockauctions.com/auctions/chrysoberyl Buy Chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl for sale at wholesale prices. Chrysoberyl is generally a green to yellow gemstone, with a few rare varieties given special names. The most famous stones have a color change effect from green to red and these are called Alexandrite. Alexandrite can be found in it’s own category on Gem Rock Auctions.
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    www.minerals.net/mineral/chrysoberyl.aspx Chrysoberyl is an uncommon mineral, and the color-changing variety Alexandrite is quite rare and highly valued. The nature of Alexandrite is very unique. If viewed in sunlight, its color is dark yellow-green to greenish-blue, and if viewed in incandescent light, its color changes strawberry-red to dark pink.
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    www.langantiques.com/university/chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl is a berylium aluminum oxide, whereas, the mineral beryl is a silicate. The crysoberyl family includes some of the most valuable and desirable gems like alexandrite and chrysoberyl cat’s eye. Chrysoberyl most commonly occurs in transparent tones of yellow and green. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHRYSOBERYL