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    chebache.net Strategy board games Backgammon, Chess and Checkers united in one of the best new strategy games called Chebache. Includes rules, reviews, comments, educational ...
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    chebache.net/help.htm The Object. Be the first player to move all your pieces into Finish. Or trap your opponent's King piece in Chebache, to win the game. Path of Movement
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    www.nightsandweekends.com/articles/03/NW0300336.php Chebache combines checkers, backgammon, and chess to challenge even the most serious strategists.
    • Chebache | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

      boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1550/chebache Chebache is a combination of Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon. It bridges the gaps between them all while offering up unique modes of play.
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      www.checkerschest.com/checkers-games/chebache-checkers.htm Chebache game is a uniquely different combination of Checkers, Backgammon and Chess. This strategic board chebache game brings together various elements from each of ...
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      www.gamefaqs.com/iphone/652591-chebache-hd For Chebache HD on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), GameFAQs has game information and a community message board for game discussion.
    • Game Zombies: Review of Chebache

      www.angelfire.com/games/zombiereviews/reviews/chebachervw.html Concept: Combine elements of Checkers, Backgammon, and Chess -- race to move your pieces to the finish or trap your opponent's king to win. Gameplay:
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      www.lightlink.com/pardee/OF-sec.html Back to main order page & menu. Pardee Games: Secure Order Form To order, please fill out the form below. The information you enter is secure -- the "https:" in the ...
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      brightestbulb.net/games/doctors/chebache Overview: Chebache was sent to us when finding games for Contagious Dreams. The gimmick is that this game combines Chess, Backgammon, and Checkers.
    • Chebache Checkers Black and White

      www.checkerschest.com/checkers-games/chebache3-checkers.htm The chebache traps any threatened pieces remaining in chebache at the end of the opponent's next turn, thus sending these game pieces, black or white, back to Start.