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      thelinuxblogger.blogspot.com Linux & Opensource Trying to make opensource softwares more user friendly by providing information what i know. Friday, December 17, 2010. Introduction to Open Source.
    • KCloud1's Blogger: Linux 上處理壞軌硬碟的兩三事

      blog.kcloud.biz/2012/01/linux.html 根據 Google 的研究以及 Bad block HOWTO for smartmontools 指出,與硬碟失效關係最高的數值是 Reallocated Sectors Count/Reallocations event count ...
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      relitekno.blogspot.com blogger yang membahas linux, komputer, laptop, virus, sistem dll yang penting berhubungan dengan teknologi
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      linux-gadgets.blogspot.com Linux Gadgets Various stuff about Linux (and I take that widely and let it include Maemo, Meego and Android) gadgets. Saturday, March 5, 2011.