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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthophyllite Anthophyllite is an amphibole mineral: ☐Mg 2 Mg 5 Si 8 O 22 (OH) 2 (☐ is for a vacancy, a point defect in the crystal structure), magnesium iron inosilicate hydroxide.Anthophyllite is polymorphic with cummingtonite.Some forms of anthophyllite are lamellar or fibrous and are classed as asbestos.The name is derived from the Latin word anthophyllum, meaning clove, an allusion to the most ...
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    www.mindat.org/min-254.html The anthophyllite group are orthorhombic amphiboles in the magnesium-iron-manganese amphibole subgroup. The minerals in this root name group may have either Pnma or Pnmn (proto- prefixed name) space-group symmetry. The anthophyllite group's composition is defined with A (Na+K+2Ca)
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anthophyllite Anthophyllite definition is - an orthorhombic mineral of the amphibole group that is essentially a silicate of magnesium and iron and is usually lamellar or fibrous and when fibrous is one of the less common forms of asbestos.
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    webmineral.com/data/Anthophyllite.shtml Anthophyllite Magnesioanthophyllite Comments: Schistose amphibolite rock composed primarily of anthophyllite (magnesioanthophyllite is now considered to be anthophyllite). Location: Winchester, Riverside County, California, USA.
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    meanings.crystalsandjewelry.com/anthophyllite Anthophyllite Properties Anthophyllite is quite a rare stone that belongs to the Amphibole group. It's commonly found in schists and gneisses that are derived from magnesium-rich and metamorphic rocks. It's a magnesium iron inosilicate hydroxide. Anthophyllite deposits exist
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    www.britannica.com/science/anthophyllite Anthophyllite, an amphibole mineral, a magnesium and iron silicate that occurs in altered rocks, such as the crystalline schists of Kongsberg, Nor., southern Greenland, and Pennsylvania. Anthophyllite is commonly produced by regional metamorphism of ultrabasic rocks. Because its fibres have a low
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    www.asbestos.com/asbestos/types Amphibole asbestos has needle-shaped fibers. Studies suggest it takes much less exposure to amphibole asbestos to cause cancer, compared to serpentine asbestos. Amosite and crocidolite are the most commercially valuable types of amphibole asbestos, while anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite are considered noncommercial forms.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/anthophyllite Define anthophyllite. anthophyllite synonyms, anthophyllite pronunciation, anthophyllite translation, English dictionary definition of anthophyllite. n. A grayish, brownish, or greenish amphibole mineral, 7Si8O22 2, having a fibrous form that is a variety of asbestos. n a black or greenish-black mineral...
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    mesowatch.com/asbestos/types/anthophyllite Anthophyllite was also used in a limited number of construction and household products, particularly in the U.K. Amphibole Asbestos. Anthophyllite asbestos is a member of the amphibole class of asbestos minerals.This classification is friable and crumbles into straight, fibrous strands of the mineral that resemble needles.
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    wyntergems.fandom.com/wiki/Anthophyllite Anthophyllite is a gemsona created by N.R. Wynter and one of the components that make up Nuummite. He is a gem harvester who was assigned to Pyrite to help collect Homeworld's most wanted Gems. When compared to Pyrite and Gedrite, Anthophyllite is the tallest, even with his hunched posture. He has pale yellow skin with a head shaped like an inverted triangle. The top portion is a large helmet ...