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    www.arrl.org/hf-trap-antennas Coaxial cable Antenna Traps QST May 1981, pp. 15-17 Both the coil and capacitor of a parallel-resonant antenna trap can be made from the same length of coaxial cable.
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    www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio Article by VE3GK I was assembling a HY/GAIN, TH6DXX, a 10 - 15 and 20 meter beam the other day and thought there might be some interest in the function of the traps.
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      www.unadilla.com/pricelist/traps Avoid switching wire antennas to work different bands. Use Unadilla’s W2VS high performance traps to convert your single dipole into a tuned, multiband wire antenna.
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      www.amazon.com/s Product Description Rosewill Amplified Digital/UHF HDTV Antenna - Indoor/Outdoor with FM Trap Filter
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      www.w8ji.com/traps.htm This article is from a talk I gave about antenna traps. It contains measurements of traps, performance of trap antennas using models of traps, and ideas on how to ...
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      www.radioworks.com/ntraps.html 2009 . How the times have changed since 1989 when I wrote this article for the RADIO WORKS' General Catalog. Of course, we've now experienced the decline and ...