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    www.mindat.org/min-73.html Aksaite mineral data, information about Aksaite, its properties and worldwide locations.
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    www.webmineral.com/data/Aksaite.shtml Aksaite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =0.5149:1:0.3073 : Cell Dimensions: a = 12.54, b = 24.35, c = 7.484, Z = 8; V = 2,285.23 Den(Calc)= 1.97
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aksaite Aksaite (Mg[B 6 O 7 6]·2H 2 O) is a mineral found in Kazakhstan.. Etymology and History. Aksaite is named after the place it was discovered, Ak-say (lit. White Glen). It was found in 1963 in Chelkar Salt Dome, Ak-say Valley, Kazakhstan.. References
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    www.yourdictionary.com/aksaite aksaite definition: Noun (plural aksaites) 1. (mineralogy) A mineral containing magnesium, boron, oxygen, and hydrogen....
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    en.wiktionary.org/wiki/aksaite aksaite (plural aksaites) A mineral containing magnesium, boron, oxygen, and hydrogen. Further reading “Aksaite” in David Barthelmy, Webmineral Mineralogy Database, 1997–. “aksaite”, in Mindat.org‎, Hudson Institute of Mineralogy, accessed 29 August 2016.
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    www.definitions.net/definition/aksaite Definition of aksaite in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of aksaite. What does aksaite mean? Information and translations of aksaite in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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    www.reddit.com/user/aksaite The u_aksaite community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.
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    www.handbookofmineralogy.com/pdfs/aksaite.pdf Aksaite MgB6O7(OH)6• 2H2O c 2001-2005 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1 Crystal Data: Orthorhombic. Point Group: 2/m 2/m 2/m. Crystals are elongated along [001] and flattened {100}, with {100}, {010}, {021} and rarely {001}, to 1.5 cm; prism faces are
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    www.osti.gov/pages/biblio/1429647 Boracite/aksaite themselves in geological repositories in salt formations may be solubility-controlling phase(s) for borate. Finally, solubility constants of boracite and aksaite will enable researchers to predict borate concentrations in equilibrium with boracite/aksaite in salt formations.
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    www.yourdictionary.com/aksaites aksaites definition: Noun 1. plural form of aksaite...