• 136 kHz Antennas - Antennas: Longwave

    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Longwave Antennas for 136kHz - A very long and exaustive documentation on building antennas for 136 khz. Includes links to antenna design software for longwave
  • 136 kHz technical pages (homebrew stuff) - QSL.net

    www.qsl.net/on7yd/136brew.htm 136 kHz technical pages (homebrew stuff) last updated on 20 May 2008 ... Description of the 136 kHz antenna at I5TGC. Loop Antenna Tuning Unit (by GW4ALG)
  • Antenna 136 khz: i1wqrlinkradio.com

    www.i1wqrlinkradio.com/antype/136_khz.html Antennas receiving 136Khz TX designs radio. Click Votes L.F 136 KHZ * 136 kHz band the only band you can hear the whole at once, OK1FIG
    • 136 kHz LF Ham Band Overview | Electronics+Radio

      www.electronics-radio.com/articles/ham_radio/.../136khz-amateur-allocation.php 136 kHz LF Ham Band - a overview or summary about the 136 kHz LF ham band or amateur radio allocation, the lowest frequency allocation for radio amateurs.
    • 2200-meter band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/136_kHz The 2200 meter or 136 kHz band is the lowest frequency band in which amateur radio operators are allowed to transmit. It was formally allocated to amateurs at the ...
    • Exploring 136 kHz - philpem.me.uk

      pe2bz.philpem.me.uk/Comm/-%20ARRL/VLF/9811030.pdf Exploring 136 kHz Tired of cookie-cutter QSOs and armchair copy? ... Figure 1—The Marconi antenna variant I use for 136-kHz transmitting and receiving.
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      www.ebay.com/sch/i.html Find great deals on eBay for antenna 136-174 mhz . Shop with confidence.
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      www.qsl.net/ik2pii/lf/tx200w.htm 200W 136 kHz transmitter. By Claudio Pozzi, ... The transmitter was connected to the antenna and, starting from the first tap on the transformer (15 turns) ...
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      www.dxzone.com/dx11200/antennas-for-136khz.html About Antennas for 136kHz This resource is listed in dxzone.com under 2 categories. Its main category is 136 kHz Antennas (136 kHz Antennas). "Antennas for 136kHz" is ...
    • ON7YD's 136 KHz Antenna Page - Domaine Perdrix-Lasouche

      www.strobbe.eu/on7yd/136ant 1. Introduction. The main subject will be transmitting antennas for 136kHz as this often is the most important part of a longwave amateur radio station.