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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trachyte Trachyte is an igneous volcanic rock with an aphanitic to porphyritic texture. It is the volcanic equivalent of syenite. The mineral assemblage consists of essential alkali feldspar; relatively minor plagioclase and quartz or a feldspathoid such as nepheline may also be present.
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    www.britannica.com/science/trachyte Trachyte, light-coloured, very fine-grained extrusive igneous rock that is composed chiefly of alkali feldspar with minor amounts of dark-coloured minerals such as biotite, amphibole, or pyroxene. Compositionally, trachyte is the volcanic equivalent of the plutonic (intrusive) rock syenite. Most
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/trachyte Trachyte definition is - a usually light-colored volcanic rock consisting chiefly of potash feldspar.
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    www.sandatlas.org/trachyte Trachyte is a volcanic equivalent of syenite. Syenite is a feldspar-rich plutonic rock which is similar to granite but lacks or contains very little quartz. Mafic minerals in trachyte are usually biotite, amphiboles (hornblende or arfvedsonite), and pyroxenes (diopside, augite, aegirine). Aegirine and arfvedsonite occur in the rock when it is ...
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    geologyscience.com/rocks/igneous-rocks/trachyte Trachyte; Trachyte is a extrusive igneous rock that light coloured is composed mostly of alkali feldspar with minor amount of dark coloured minerals such as biotite, amphibole, or pyroxene. Trachyte is the volcanic equivalent of rock Syenite.Generally trachytes show porphyritic texture in which abundant, large, well-formed crystals (phenocrysts) of early generation are embedded in a very fine ...
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    flexiblelearning.auckland.ac.nz/rocks_minerals/rocks/trachyte.html Trachyte Trachyte is an extrusive rock, belonging to the alkali series of intermediate volcanic rocks. The major mineral component of trachyte is alkali feldspar (e.g. orthoclase), and it generally contains no quartz.Trachyte often displays trachytic texture, where acicular to tabular feldspar phenocrysts align in one direction, suggestive of flow prior to cooling.

    www.alexstrekeisen.it/english/vulc/trachyte.php Trachyte is commonly associated with other lavas in volcanic regions and is thought to have been formed by the crystallization and abstraction of iron, magnesium, and calcium minerals from a parent basaltic lava. Two types of trachyte are commonly recognized. In potash, or normal, trachyte, sanidine or orthoclase is the dominant feldspar, and ...
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    www.mindat.org/min-48478.html A trachyte dike in the northern part of Shidara area, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The Journal of the Japanese Association of Mineralogists, Petrologists and Economic Geologists, 74(2), 68-78. Hokkaidō Prefecture
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    www.americansouthwest.net/slot_canyons/trachyte-creek/index.html Photographs 24 views of upper Trachyte Creek, and a video (12.2 mb). Location The upper end of Trachyte Creek crosses UT 276 near milepost 5, just south of the junction with an unpaved track that leads westwards towards ranches, old mines, and other interesting sites in the nearby Henry Mountains.The north fork of the creek meets the main road one mile away.
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