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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scapolite Scapolite-hornblende rocks. In Norway scapolite-hornblende rocks have long been known at Ødegården and other localities. They have been called spotted gabbros, but usually do not contain feldspar, the white spots being entirely scapolite while the dark matrix enveloping them is an aggregate of green or brownish hornblende.
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    www.gemsociety.org/article/scapolite-jewelry-and-gemstone-information Yellow scapolite’s value depends on size, clarity, and strength of color.Expect the usual premiums on price in terms of color saturation and custom versus native or commercial cutting.Values for natural purple or violet scapolites differ greatly from irradiated stones, since the untreated stones are rarer and have a delicate, but much purer, purple.
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    geology.com/minerals/scapolite.shtml Scapolite is a group of minerals often cut into interesting gems. Clear, yellow, orange, pink and purple scapolite are often faceted. Some produce a strong cat's-eye effect en cabochon.
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    www.mindat.org/min-8778.html The meionite component increases with metamorphic grade, and typical samples of high-pressure scapolite are Ca-rich (Teertstra and Sherriff, 1996). " Wernerite " is an intermediate member of the marialite - meionite series, which may be deserving of species status (see Dana, 8th Ed.).
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    www.gemselect.com/gem-info/scapolite/scapolite-info.php Scapolite does not have too many closely related gemstones, but it does have close mineral associations with diopside. One of the opaque, yellowish or gray varieties of scapolite from Quebec, Canada is a well-known source, and is often used by local Canadian jewelry designers.
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    www.minerals.net/mineral/scapolite.aspx Scapolite is a mineral series consisting of two very similar minerals: sodium-rich Marialite and calcium-rich Meionite.The two Scapolites also differ in that Meionite has a carbonate radical in place of chlorine that is present in Marialite. The two Scapolite minerals are often visibly indistinguishable from each other, and they also form unclassified intermediary examples within their series.
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    www.healingwithcrystals.net.au/scapolite.html Scapolite then propels you out of spiritual inertia and into dynamic action. Scapolite is useful for affecting conscious change. It frees up the left side of the brain, increasing your analytical ability. This is the perfect stone to carry if you have dyslexia. Scapolite enhances your visionary abilities and communication skills.
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    www.gemselect.com/other-info/about-scapolite.php Scapolite, which is sodium calcium aluminum silicate, has a rather complex chemical composition. Scapolite is actually the name of a series of minerals between the sodium chloride rich mineral called marialite and the calcium carbonate rich mineral, meionite. Distinguishing the scapolite minerals from each other can be difficult.
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    webmineral.com/data/Scapolite.shtml Scapolite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:c = 1:0.62904 : Cell Dimensions: a = 12.05, c = 7.58, Z = 2; V = 1,100.64 Den(Calc)= 2.65 : Crystal System:
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    www.minerals.net/gemstone/scapolite_gemstone.aspx Scapolite is a common mineral, and its typical habit is in opaque and uninteresting forms. However, several unique localities provide gemmy transparent forms of this mineral, which make a rare and pretty gem. However, despite its lovely colors, Scapolite has been limited from becoming a more mainstream gemstone due to its relatively low hardness.