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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_earth_element The first rare-earth mineral discovered (1787) was gadolinite, a mineral composed of cerium, yttrium, iron, silicon, and other elements. This mineral was extracted from a mine in the village of Ytterby in Sweden; four of the rare-earth elements bear names derived from this single location.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare-earth_mineral A rare-earth mineral contains one or more rare-earth elements as major metal constituents. Rare-earth minerals are usually found in association with alkaline to peralkaline igneous complexes, in pegmatites associated with alkaline magmas and in or associated with carbonatite intrusives. Perovskite mineral phases are common hosts to rare-earth elements within the alkaline complexes.
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    www.cnn.com/2019/05/30/investing/rare-earths-china-trade-war/index.html Rare earths stocks surged after China signaled it could ban exports of the vital material to the United States.
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    www.forbes.com/.../the-us-needs-china-for-rare-earth-minerals-not-for-long-th... Round Top, however, offers a 130-year supply of the critical minerals. And USA Rare Earth is looking at benefits beyond the ore itself. “It’s not just about supply,” said Althaus.
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    sites.google.com/site/concentrationofminerals/.../rare-earth-mineral Rare earth mineral that form their own deposits: Bastnaesite, Monazite, Xenotime. To extract the rare earth elements industrial importance are the following minerals: S ynchysite, Euxenite, Gadolinite, Loparite; Rare earth elements are extracted from the following minerals too: Churchite, Rhabdophane, Parisite, Fergusonite, Samarskite, Allanite.
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    www.cnbc.com/.../heres-why-chinas-trade-war-threat-to-restrict-rare-earth-min... Rare earth minerals are commonly used in high-tech devices, automotives, clean energy and defense. About 35% of global reserves are in China, the most in the world, and the country is a mining ...
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    www.scientificamerican.com/article/dont-panic-about-rare-earth-elements As trade tensions rise between the U.S. and China, rare earth minerals are once again in the political spotlight. Today Chinese mines and processing facilities provide most of the world's supply ...
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    geology.com/articles/rare-earth-elements World Rare Earth Mineral Resources "Rare earths are relatively abundant in the Earth's crust, but discovered minable concentrations are less common than for most other ores. U.S. and world resources are contained primarily in bastnäsite and monazite.
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    ai4beginners.com/rare-earth-stocks-10-companies-mining-and-refining-rare-... Over the past decades there has been an explosion in the demand of rare earth metals, as more and more devices requiring rare earth metals rise.Devices such as computer memory, rechargeable batteries, magnet, and even defense equipment/devices such as night vision goggles, precision-guided weapons and GPS equipment require rare earth metals .Companies mining and refining […]
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    finance.zacks.com/mutual-funds-invest-rare-earth-metals-6399.html The Bloomberg Rare Earth Mineral Resource Index is more broad based than STOXX, as it includes any company that has rare earth resources. Rare Earth Mutual Funds.