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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel Nickel is a chemical element with the symbol Ni and atomic number 28. It is a silvery-white lustrous metal with a slight golden tinge. Nickel belongs to the transition metals and is hard and ductile. Pure nickel, powdered to maximize the reactive surface area, ...
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    www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1223/nickel Overview Information Nickel is a mineral. It is found in several foods including nuts, dried beans and peas, soybeans, grains, and chocolate. The body needs nickel, but in very small amounts.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nickel_%28United_States_coin%29 A nickel, in American usage, is a five-cent coin struck by the United States Mint. Composed of 75% copper and 25% nickel, the piece has been issued since 1866. Its diameter is .835 inches (21.21 mm) and its thickness is .077 inches (1.95 mm).
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    www.lenntech.com/periodic/elements/ni.htm Nickel. Nickel is silvery-white. hard, malleable, and ductile metal. It is of the iron group and it takes on a high polish. It is a fairly good conductor of heat and electricity. In its familiar compounds nickel is bivalent, although it assumes other valences.
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    www.dictionary.com/browse/nickel Nickel definition, a hard, silvery-white, ductile and malleable metallic element, allied to iron and cobalt, not readily oxidized: used chiefly in alloys, in electroplating, and as a catalyst in organic synthesis. Symbol: Ni; atomic weight: 58.71; atomic number: 28; specific gravity: 8.9 at 20°C. See more.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/nickel Define nickel. nickel synonyms, nickel pronunciation, nickel translation, English dictionary definition of nickel. n. 1. Symbol Ni A silvery, hard, ductile, ferromagnetic metallic element used in corrosion-resistant alloys, stainless steel, catalysts for hydrogenation,...
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    www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/28/nickel Nickel resists corrosion and is used to plate other metals to protect them. It is, however, mainly used in making alloys such as stainless steel. Nichrome is an alloy of nickel and chromium with small amounts of silicon, manganese and iron. It resists corrosion, even when red hot, so is used in toasters and electric ovens.
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    www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/nickel-allergy/.../syc-20351529 Nickel allergy is a condition in which contact with items containing nickel causes an itchy rash and possibly blisters at the site of contact. The top photo shows a positive patch test (on the left), after a patch containing nickel was left on the skin for 48 hours. The lower photo shows nickel allergy from metal in clothing, such as a belt buckle.
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    nickelandnickel.com Nickel & Nickel winery, located in Oakville, Napa Valley, is dedicated exclusively to producing 100 percent varietal, single-vineyard wines that best express the distinct personality of each vineyard.
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    www.lme.com/en-gb/metals/non-ferrous/nickel LME Nickel Contract specifications. Every metal traded on the LME must conform to strict specifications regarding quality, lot size and shape. Each LME tradeable contract is likewise governed by rules covering (but not limited to) prompt dates, settlement terms, traded and cleared currencies and minimum tick size.