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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysprosium Dysprosium is a chemical element with the symbol Dy and atomic number 66. It is a rare-earth element with a metallic silver luster. Dysprosium is never found in nature as a free element, though it is found in various minerals, such as xenotime.Naturally occurring dysprosium is composed of seven isotopes, the most abundant of which is 164 Dy.. Dysprosium was first identified in 1886 by Paul ...
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    www.britannica.com/science/dysprosium Dysprosium (Dy), chemical element, a rare-earth metal of the lanthanide series of the periodic table. Dysprosium is a relatively hard metal and is silvery white in its pure form. It is quite stable in air, remaining shiny at room temperature. Dysprosium turnings ignite easily and burn white-hot.
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    www.livescience.com/38292-dysprosium.html Dysprosium, when combined with vanadium and other rare earth elements, has been used in the production of laser materials. Dysprosium-cadmium chalcogenides have been used for studying chemical ...
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    www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/66/dysprosium Dysprosium was discovered in 1886 by Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in Paris. Its discovery came as a result of research into yttrium oxide, first made in 1794, and from which other rare earths (aka lanthanoids) were subsequently to be extracted, namely erbium in 1843, then holmium in 1878, and finally dysprosium.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/dysprosium Define dysprosium. dysprosium synonyms, dysprosium pronunciation, dysprosium translation, English dictionary definition of dysprosium. n. Symbol Dy A soft, silvery metallic element of the lanthanide series occurring in the minerals monazite and bastnaesite, used in nuclear reactor control...
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    www.dictionary.com/browse/dysprosium Dysprosium definition, a rare-earth metallic element, highly reactive and paramagnetic, found in small amounts in various rare-earth minerals, as euxenite and monazite: used to absorb neutrons in nuclear reactors. Symbol: Dy; atomic weight: 162.50; atomic number: 66. See more.
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    simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysprosium Dysprosium is a rare earth element that has a metallic, bright silver luster. Dysprosium was first identified in Paris in 1886 by French chemist Paul Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran . Compounds [ change | change source ]
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    www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/dysprosium Dysprosium, like most other lanthanides, forms the stable sesquioxide Dy 2 O 3. For this form of lanthanide oxide, there are only three polymorphs known up to 2000°C: hexagonal, monoclinic, and cubic [19]. In contrast, terbium is one of three lanthanides (Ce, Pr, Tb) that do not form the stable sesquioxide, Ln 2 O 3.
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    byjus.com/chemistry/dysprosium Dysprosium is the 66th element in the periodic table. The metal was discovered by a French chemist named Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in the year 1886. This element with symbol Dy is abundantly found in nature and even found in many minerals such as gadolinite, xenotime, euxenite, fergusonite, blomstrandine and polycrase, which can also be ...
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    www.sciencedirect.com/topics/chemical-engineering/dysprosium Dysprosium It took the researchers more than 30 attempts to isolate the element, and hence the element was named based on the Greek dysprositos (δυσπρóσιτοζ), which means difficult to get. Obtaining the pure form of the element, however, needed to wait until the 1950s and the introduction of ion-exchange techniques [55] .