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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_movement The White Army had the stated aim to keep law and order in Russia as the Tsar's army before the civil war and the revolution of Russia. They worked to remove Soviet organizations and functionaries in White-controlled territory. Overall, the White Army was nationalistic and rejected ethnic particularism and separatism.
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    www.britannica.com/topic/White-Army Other articles where White Army is discussed: Russian Civil War: Seeds of conflict: …Assembly and (2) the rightist whites, whose main asset was the Volunteer Army in the Kuban steppes. This army, which had survived great hardships in the winter of 1917–18 and which came under the command of Gen. Anton I. Denikin (April 1918), was now a fine fighting force, though small…
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Civil_War British support of the White Army provided the greatest threat to the Red Army in Central Asia during 1918. Great Britain sent three prominent military leaders to the area. One was Lt. Col. Bailey, who recorded a mission to Tashkent, from where the Bolsheviks forced him to flee.
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    alphahistory.com/russianrevolution/white-armies Soldiers in Admiral Kolchak’s White army in Siberia, circa 1919. The White armies (also known as the ‘White Guards’ or ‘Whites’) were counter-revolutionary groups that participated in the Russian Civil War.These White armies fought against the Bolshevik-controlled Red Army for the control of Russia.
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    spartacus-educational.com/RUSwhite.htm The White Army initially had success in the Ukraine where the Bolsheviks were unpopular. The main resistance came from Nestor Makhno, the leader of an Anarchist army in the area. Vladimir Antonov-Ovseenko, led the Red Army and gradually pro-Bolsheviks took control of the Ukraine. By February, 1918, the Whites held no major areas in Russia.
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    battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/White_Army The White movement and its military arm, the White Army, was a loose confederation of Anti-Communist forces that fought the Bolsheviks, also known as the Reds, in the Russian Civil War (1917–1923) and, to a lesser extent, continued operating as militarized associations both outside and within Russian borders until roughly the Second World War. Members of the White Army include former members ...

    www.youtube.com/watch THE WHITE ARMY Syndrome of the week 7 - Dyskeratosis Congenita By Dr.Ashray Patel DISCLAIMER THE WHITE ARMY does not own or claim to own any of the media used in the following video/stream . The ...
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    www.britannica.com/event/Russian-Civil-War Seeds of conflict. Russia’s disastrous performance in World War I was one of the primary causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917, which swept aside the Romanov dynasty and installed a government that was eager to end the fighting. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) whereby Russia yielded large portions of its territory to Germany caused a breach between the Bolsheviks and the Left Socialist ...
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    westerncivguides.umwblogs.org/2011/09/26/white-army-vs-red-army The White Army was aided by troops from Britain, France, Japan and the United States, the foreign soldiers numbering 2000. However the Red Army also increased in number. In the end the remaining members of the White Army left Russia in November, being unable to make much of an impression on the Red Army and a General Mikhail Frunze.
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    worldhistory.us/military-history/.../the-white-russian-armies-1917-1923.php The Southern White Army 1917-1920 Worldhistory.us - For those who want to understand the History, not just to read it. Disclaimer: The publication of any and all content eg, articles, reports, editorials, commentary, opinions, as well as graphics and or images on this website does not constitute sanction or acquiescence of said content unless ...