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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherpa_people Most Sherpa people live in the eastern regions of Nepal; however, some live farther west in the Rolwaling Valley and in the Helambu region north of Kathmandu. Sherpas establish gompas (temples) where they practice their religious traditions. Tengboche was the first celibate monastery in Solu-Khumbu.
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    www.britannica.com/topic/Sherpa-people Sherpa, also called Sharwa, group of some 150,000 mountain-dwelling people of Nepal; Sikkim state, India; and Tibet (China); they are related to the Bhutia.Small groups of Sherpas also live in parts of North America, Australia, and Europe.Sherpas are of Tibetan culture and descent and speak a language called Sherpa, which is closely related to the form of Tibetan spoken in Tibet.
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    www.thoughtco.com/sherpa-people-definition-1434515 The Sherpa are an ethnic group who live in the high mountains of the Himalayas in Nepal. Well-known for being guides to Westerners who want to climb Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, the Sherpa have an image of being hard-working, peaceful, and brave.Increasing contact with Westerners, however, is drastically changing Sherpa culture.
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    nepalensis.com/sherpa-people-facts Sherpa people are a well-praised tribe thieving in the higher elevation. Sherpa tribes are native to Nepal, China, Bhutan, India Himalayas. Sherpa is highly praised for working as the guide in the higher elevation. Sherpa People’s facts are summarized here. The population of the Sherpa thriving in Nepal is concentrated in the eastern part of ...
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    kinooze.com/who-are-sherpa-people Who are Sherpa People? A Sherpa group basking in the sun, Image credit: Flickr User D.R.Luna. Sherpa is a name given to people who live in the upper Himalayan region of Nepal. Some of them also live in Sikkim, India and Tibet, but most of them live in Nepal.
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    encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Sherpa+people Sherpa a member of a people of Mongolian origin living on the southern slopes of the Himalayas in Nepal, noted as mountaineers Sherpa a nationality living in India and eastern Nepal, in the region of Chomolungma (Mount Everest). According to a 1975 estimate, there are approximately 25,000 Sherpa in India and 25,000 in Nepal. Their language belongs to ...
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    www.everyculture.com/wc/Mauritania-to-Nigeria/Sherpas.html Sherpa people are infact the indingiuose people from eastern Tibet Kham,Sherpa are the close race to Monpa,Dagpa,Mustangpa,Tawangpa,Lepcha,Sikkimese,Drukpa who are the descendants of Tibetan people who spread over the himalayas. Sherpa language is called Sherpakha or sherpai-tam.
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    www.livescience.com/45029-what-is-a-sherpa.html The economy and culture of the Sherpa people changed dramatically in the early 1900s, when mountaineers made Everest the ultimate destination for climbing, ushering in an era of mountain tourism.
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    www.cnn.com/travel/article/sherpa-facts/index.html How Sherpas make it to the top of Mount Everest time and again, and whether or not they really like it.
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    www.cnn.com/2015/11/11/health/sherpas-superhuman-mountaineers/index.html Scientists took to Everest to unravel the secrets behind Sherpas' amazing ability to breathe easily at the world's highest altitudes.