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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lhoba_people The area nowadays inhabited by the modern Lhoba people was known in medieval texts as Lhoyü (or Luoyu, lho-yul, ལྷོ༌ཡུལ་). Lhoyü is now the name of an area in Tibet, while Lower Lhoyü is part of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh). Luoyu came under the control of Tibet from the 7th century onwards.
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    www.tibettravel.org/.../lhoba-people-in-sountheast-of-himalayas.html Lhoba people. Although the diet varies in different regions, roasting is the most popular way of cooking. They roast both animal and plant based food. The popular way of cooking is putting the game in fire and covering by ashes to prepare for eating. Other than the game they hunt, they consume maize or millet flourdumplings, rice or buckwheat.
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    www.tripchinaguide.com/article-p286-lhoba-ethnic-group.html The Lhoba people are one of the ancient nationalities and the 2nd smallest of the 56 ethnic groups officially recognized by the Chinese government. "Lhoba" is a call given by Tibetan, meaning "Southerner". Population. 3,682(2010) Main Areas Inhabited by Lhoba
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    windhorsetour.com/blog/lhoba-tibetan-people-overview Far from an ancient, lost culture, the Lhoba people of Tibet continue their unique and time-honored culture even to this day! ' Lhoba ' is an obscure term to many, but actually, the Lhoba are one of China's 56 ethnic groups and the term loosely identifies parts of southeastern Tibetan Autonomous Region where the Lhoba people reside.
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    www.heytibet.com/web/artc/830.html The Lhoba people are one of China's minority groups, recognized in 1965 by the State Council. They have lived in the Lhoyu area in Tibet for generations. "Lhoba" means "southerners." Its population in Nyingchi area is over 2,200, accounting for 1.6 percent of the total population in the area.
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    www.paulnoll.com/China/Minorities/min-Lhoba.html Having no written script, Lhoba people used to keep records by notching wood or tying knots. People of this ethnic group were oppressed, bullied and discriminated against by the Tibetan local government, manorial lords and monasteries under feudal serfdom in Tibet. Being considered inferior and "wild," some were expelled and forced to live in ...
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    www.tibettravel.org/blog/lhoba-people-at-nanyigou-valley Lhoba People At Nanyigou Valley. Oct 05,2013 / by Kunga. Our trip to Nanyigou Valley had s misty color because of the foggy weather. 5 km outside Mainling Zong County, we saw a road sign pointing that Nanyigou was ahead. Shortly after that a village of Monba ethnic group came into our sight. It was a stockade village on a green mountain.
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