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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80186 The Intel 80186, also known as the iAPX 186, or just 186, is a microprocessor and microcontroller introduced in 1982. It was based on the Intel 8086 and, like it, had a 16-bit external data bus multiplexed with a 20-bit address bus.It was also available as the 80188, with an 8-bit external data bus.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80188 The Intel 80188 microprocessor was a variant of the Intel 80186.The 80188 had an 8-bit external data bus instead of the 16-bit bus of the 80186; this made it less expensive to connect to peripherals.The 16-bit registers and the one megabyte address range were unchanged, however. It had a throughput of 1 million instructions per second.
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    encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Intel+80186 Intel 80186 (processor) A microprocessor developed by Intel circa 1982. The 80186 was an improvement on the Intel 8086 and Intel 8088. As with the 8086, it had a 16-bit external bus and was also available as the Intel 80188, with an 8-bit external data bus. The initial clock rate of the 80186 and 80188 was 6 MHz. They were not used in many computers ...
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    www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/80186/index.html Intel 80186 microprocessor, sometimes called i186, is an enhanced version of Intel 8086 16-bit processor. Being completely object code compatible with the 8086, the 80186 integrated many system components into one chip, added 7 new instructions, and added new operand types to three existing 8086 instructions.
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    www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/80186/MANUF-Intel.html Intel 80186 microprocessor family. CPU » 80186 family » Intel. Related Links. Architecture Identification Support chips. At a glance. Type: 16-bit microprocessor. Introduction: 1982. Frequency (MHz): 6 - 25. Sockets: CLCC68 PGA68 PLCC68 PLCC84 QFP80 SQFP80.
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    www.mynikko.com/CPU/80186.html Intel 80186 - 1982 Intel 80186 (also known as 186) is, in fact, an updated version of Intel 8086, so its external data bandwidth is 16 bits and it also needs a 80187 co-processor for better performance.
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    software.intel.com/en-us/file/8018 You are here. Home. 8018
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    cpumuseum.jimdofree.com/museum/intel/80186-80188 8086/8088 80186/80188 80286
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    hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_80186 Az Intel 80186 egy 1982-ben megjelent mikroprocesszor és mikrokontroller.Felépítése az Intel 8086 processzoron alapul, ahhoz hasonlóan 16 bites külső adatbusza van, amit egy 20 bites címbusszal multiplexel. Ennek egy 8 bites külső adatbusszal készült változata 80188 néven került forgalomba. Ezeket a processzorokat főleg beágyazott rendszerekbe szánták.

    www.ti99.com/exelvision/website/telechargement/80188.pdf 80186/80188 Table 1. Pin Descriptions (Continued) Symbol Pin Type Name and Function No. RD/QSMD 62 I/O Read Strobe is an active LOW signal which indicates that the processor is