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    www.ancient.eu/Asia_Minor Ancient Asia Minor is a geographic region located in the south-western part of Asia comprising most of what is present-day Turkey.The earliest reference to the region comes from tablets of the Akkadian Dynasty (2334-2083 BCE) where it is known as 'The Land of the Hatti' and was inhabited by the Hittites. The Hittites themselves referred to the land as 'Assuwa' (or, earlier, Aswiya) which ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Minor Anatolia (from Greek: Ἀνατολή, Anatolḗ, ’east’ or ’[sun]rise’; Turkish: Anadolu), also known as Asia Minor (Medieval and Modern Greek: Μικρά Ἀσία, Mikrá Asía, ’small Asia’; Turkish: Küçük Asya), Asian Turkey, the Anatolian peninsula or the Anatolian plateau, is a large peninsula in West Asia and the westernmost protrusion of the Asian continent.
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    www.worldatlas.com/articles/where-is-asia-minor.html Asia Minor is an important route for migratory birds, especially in spring and autumn. Some of the animals in the region include the Mediterranean monk seal, the northern bald ibis, the white-headed duck, the red-breasted goose, the great bustard and the eastern imperial eagle.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/Asia+Minor Asia Minor synonyms, Asia Minor pronunciation, Asia Minor translation, English dictionary definition of Asia Minor. A peninsula of western Asia between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally conterminous with Asian Turkey and is usually considered...
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    simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_Minor Asia Minor, a peninsula also called Anatolia (Turkish: Anadolu), comprises most of the Asian part of modern Turkey and the Armenian highland. Asia Minor is 250,000 square miles. Most people there today speak Turkish.The seas surrounding Asia Minor are the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.Because Asia Minor is between Christian Europe and Asia, many different cultures have ...
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    www.biblestudytools.com/dictionary/asia-minor Asia Minor (as the country was called to distinguish it from the continent of Asia), or Anatolia, is the name given to the peninsula which reaches out between the Black Sea (Pontus Euxinus) on the North and the Mediterranean on the South, forming an elevated land-bridge between central Asia and southeastern Europe.

    www.newadvent.org/cathen/01782a.htm Asia Minor is yet largely an agricultural and pastoral land. On the high plateaux immense flocks of sheep and goats are raised, whose wool is used for domestic purposes, for export, or for the manufacture of Turkish rugs and carpets. The silk manufactures of Broussa, in the sixteenth century a staple of Asia Minor, have greatly decreased.
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    www.bible-history.com/geography/maps/map_asia.html Map of Asia Minor in New Testament Times In New Testament times Asia referred to a Roman province located at the western part of what came to be known as Asia Minor. Asia Minor was the area between the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.
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    www.britannica.com/place/Anatolia Anatolia, Turkish Anadolu, also called Asia Minor, the peninsula of land that today constitutes the Asian portion of Turkey. Because of its location at the point where the continents of Asia and Europe meet, Anatolia was, from the beginnings of civilization, a crossroads for numerous peoples migrating or conquering from either continent.
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    www.quora.com/What-are-the-countries-that-constitute-Asia-minor-middle-ea... Firstly it is to be noted that every concept which we study in international relations are given by western countries. They termed all the areas according to their own ease and understandings.all these terms are nearly same, the diffrence is in it...